Breast Cancer Options Conference

How to Choose and Integrate Complementary TherapiesScott Berliner RPh, Hope Nemiroff, Michael Schachter,MD
The Immune System & Breast CancerDavid M. Brady, ND, DC, Elizabeth Boham, MD, MS, RD
Integrative Oncology for Clinicians & Cancer PatientMichael Schachter, MD
Lifestyle Changes That Make a DifferenceTari Prinster, RYT, Hope Nemiroff, Rev. Diane Epstein
Role of Environmental Toxins on Cancer Development & Estrogen MetabolismDavid M. Brady, ND, DC
Breast Wellness – A Functional Approach to Lowering Your Risk of CancerElizabeth Boham, MD, MS, RD
Nutrition & Cancer: How to Eat Well & Stay HealthyRoufia Payman, DT, CDN
Complementary Treatments for Side EffectsMichael B. Wald, MD, MS

Breast Cancer Options Conference

Healing & MiraclesBernie Siegel, MD
Surivorship 2011Mod. B. Canin w/Decker, Greenfield & Satterwhite
Overcoming the Impact of CancerMod. H. Nemiroff w/Keats, Mills & Boham
Diet and Nutrition in Cancer PreventionGeorgia Decker, APRN
Clinical Testing; Before, During and After Breast CancerScott Berliner, RHP
A Functional Approach to CancerElizabeth Boham, MD
The Safe Use of SupplementsAminah Keats, ND
Natural Homone Health for WomenDixie Mills, MD
Chemical Toxicity & Breast HealthJeffrey Moss, DDS
Natural Substitutes for a Aromatase InhibitorsSam Schikowitz, ND
Conference Round-UpMod. B. Sarah w/Moss, Schikowitz, Robin, Hornig & Weinberg

Breast Cancer Options Conference

Breast Cancer Update 2010Sheldon Feldman, MD, FACS
Creating a Treatment Program for the Whole PersonGaynor, Francescott, Boham & Stram
Epigenetics: The Link Between the Breast Cancer Epidemic & the EnvironmentMitch Gaynor, MD
Creating a Treatment Program After a Cancer DiagnosisRon Stram, MD
Supporting Body Defenses Against Cancer with Avemar & AHCCMichael Schachter, MD
An Integrative Perspective on Hormone Use: Breast Cancer, Perimenopause & OsteoporosisScott Berliner, RPH
Nutrition for Wellness and Cancer PreventionRon Stram, MD
Breast Cancer: Testing, Detection and Follow-upConnors & Shedlock
How Toxins Affect the Body, Mind & SpiritTom Francescott, ND
Update on Iodine & Vitamin DScott Berliner, RPH
Breast Wellness: A Functional Medicine ApproachElizabeth Boham, MD

Breast Cancer Options Conference

Opening Plenary – Treating the Whole PersonFeldman, Berliner, Wilson & Nemiroff
The Latest Developments in Breast Cancer Treatment & Risk EducationSheldon Feldman, MD
Strategies for Wellness: Yoga, Meditation & MassageGolliher & Weare
Living with Advanced Breast Cancer: A Conversation with Musa MayerMusa Mayer
Breast Cancer Detection & Follow-UpWillson & Gironda
Creating a Treatment Program for The Whole PersonScott Berliner, RPh
How the Breast is Affected by ToxinsJanet Gray, PhD
Emerging Issues in Breast Cancer – Research & Drug Development: An Advocacy PerspectiveMusa Mayer
Nutrition for Wellness & Cancer PreventionRoufia Payman
Herbs & Supplements for Breast Cancer & Risk ReductionDoni Wilson, ND
Assessing the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence: Oncotype DX Test/Estronex TestRobin & Shedlock
Iodine Deficiency & Breast DiseaseLynne Farrow, MA
Hormones & HealthScott Berliner, R

Breast Cancer Options Conference
2007 • Poughkeepsie, NY

Complementary Medicine 101Carol Robin, DC, CCN
Spirituality and HealingCarol Hornig, C. N. S.
Understanding the Role of Hormones in the BodyTom Francescott, ND
Living the Precautionary Lifestyle: How the Environment Impacts HealthCheryl Osimo
Health Insurance Problems & The Consumer: What Are Your Rights?NYS Att’y Gen’l Health Care Unit
Breast Cancer 101Hope Nemiroff
The Rollercoaster of EmotionsJoy Hauseman, CSW
Detoxification & Its Impact on the Body, Mind & SpiritTom Francescott, ND
Nutrition & Supplements for Cancer & Cancer Risk ReductionDoni Wilson, ND
Making Informed Medical DecisionsMaryann Napoli
Imagery & Energy: Powerful Tools to Transform the Treatment ExperienceRobin, Elven & Epstein
Re-framing FearDebby Francke-Ogg, CSW
Assessing the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence: The ONCOTYPE DX TestUlna Hopkins, RN, FNP

Breast Cancer Options Conference

What You Can Do to Prevent Breast Cancer or Improve the Results if You Have ItMichael Schachter, MD
Complementary Approaches Managing Breast CancerMichael Schachter, MD
Syndrome X-Overcoming Common Risk Factors with DietRoufia Payman
Transforming Cancer Treatment with ImageryCarol Robin, DC, CCN
Understanding the Role of Hormones and the Endocrine System in Breast CancerTom Francescott, ND
Detoxification & Health: Tools to Lower Environmental ToxinsRichard Horowitz, MD
Balancing & Enhancing the Immune SystemJames Belanger, ND, MT
Meditation & The Immune SystemCarol Robin, DC, CCN
Nutrition and CancerRoufia Payman, DT, CDN
Environmental Risks and Breast CancerJanet Gray, PhD

Breast Cancer Options Conference

New Horizons in Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer Pesticide StudySheldon Feldman, MD
Environmental Pollution: Women’s Health & Breast CancerMitchell Gaynor, MD
Practical Solutions for the ConsumerMitchell Gaynor, MD
The New Sisterhood of Breast Cancer: Every Woman BelongsDr. Devra Davis
Nutrients & Herbs to Improve Health and Decrease Drug toxicityAmy Salerno
The New Sisterhood of Breast Cancer: Better Safe than SorryDr. Devra Davis
After Breast Cancer, Answers to the Questions You’re Afraid to AskMusa Mayer
A Look at Uncommon Cancer TherapiesKurt Greenberg
What to Eat and WhyHornig & Robin