3rd Exopolitics Conference
9/07 • Washington, DC

French Official UFO Studies 2004 – 2007Gildas Bourdais, Schmitt & Carey
LectureAntonio Hunees
The Malmstron AFB UFO EncountersCapt. Robert Salas
Lecture #7David Sheehan
Lecture #8Steven Greer, MD
UFO Best Evidence 2007Jaime Maussan
Official Disclosure in the UKNick Pope
A New World If You can takei\tPaola Harris
UFOs in the HeadlinesRob Simone
Roswell PanelSchmitt, Carey, Davids and more
Clinton/Carter Administrations PanelGreer, Farley, Huneeus, Maccabee, Sheehan & Webre
Plenery PanelAll speakers

6th Annual Exopolitics Expo
04/30/06 • Washington, DC

Keynote PresentationGeorge Noory
Exopolitics, Disclosure and the Nat’l Security StateRichard Dolan
A New World Power EmergesA. J. Gevaerd
UFO Phenomenon in RussiaPaul Stonehill
The History of British Police UFO SightingsGary Heseltine
Ancient Exopolitics and Modern ShamanismGeorge Knapp
RAF Bentwaters – The UK’s RoswellLinda Moulton Howe with Jonathan Borroughs
Disclosure 2010 – Contact 2012Stephen Bassett

5th Annual Exopolitics Expo
03/31/05 • Washington, DC

UFOs and the Nat’l Security – The coverup exposed, 1973-1991Richard Dolan
Government CirclesColin Andrews
Advanced ExopoliticsAlfred Webre, JD
Contactee ResearchDr. Roger Leir
MILABSJoe Montaldo
Ancient Exopolitics and Modern ShamanismGraham Hancock
Eisenhower and the ETs?Campbell & Kirklin
Exopolitics and Events in the United KingdomPope & Torres
Obama and DisclosureDr. Michael Salla
Special PresentationDr. Edgar Mitchell
The Role of Hollywood and the Media in the Disclosure ProcessPaola Harris
The Insider and the ActivistAlexander & Bassett
All Exopolitics is LocalPeckman/Viggiani
Activist PanelSalla, Whitecliff, Webre, Harris, Peckman, Viggiani, Buchman, Hardcastle, Mansfield & Montaldo

4th Annual Exopolitics Expo
03/31/04 • Washington, DC

LectureGildas Bourdais
LectureDonald Schmitt & Thomas Carey
LectureAntonio Huneeu
LectureRichard Dolan
LectureCapt. Robert Salas
LectureDaniel Sheehan, JD
LectureSteven Greer, MD
LectureJaime Maussan
LectureNick Pope
LecturePaola Harris
LectureRobert Simone
Roswell PanelDonald Schmitt, Thomas Carey, Paul Davids and more
Panel – Clinton/Carter AdministrationRichard Farley, Antonio Huneeus, Bruce Maccabee
Plenary PanelAll Speakers
Safespace Project & Witness DevelopmentsRobert Miles
Keynote PresentationStephen Bassett