Food & Health Expo
1999 • Philadelphia, PA

Enzymes: The Essence of LifeJoel Robbins, DC, MD
Sulfur Foods for Cancer PreventionJohn Heinerman, Ph. D
Diet Sense: Eating with Your Right BrainRichard Donze, DO
Natural Remedies that Can Save Your LifeJames Balch, MD
Coming Back From Almost Dead: My Personal JourneyRose Lee Calabro
Living Foods, Longevity & HealthBrian Clement
The Healing Power of Enzymes & Body TypingDicQie Fuller, Ph. D
Your Health. . . . Your ChoiceRichard DuBois, MD
From Surviving to ThrivingMarilyn Joyce, RD, Ph. D
Milk: The Deadly PoisonRobert Cohen
Nutrition, Gut Health, Detox & CancerSherry Rogers, MD
Author, International Lecturer and Director of the Wellness ForumPamela Popper, Ph. D
Cookbook Author and Living Food EducatorVictoria Boutenko
Nationally Recognized Expert on Nutritional & Environmental MedicineDaniel Kinderleher, MD
The Ten Biggest Myths on Weight LossH. Warren Peary
How to Fight Disease and Achieve Total HealthDr. Joseph Mercola
Building Cellular Integrity After You’re CuredBunny Jumonville
An Oncologist’s View on PreventionDeila Garcia, MD
The PH Miracle and the New BiologyRobert Young, Ph. D
Raw Food NutritionDavid Wolfe
Let Food Be Your MedicineCandace Corson, MD
Anti-Cancer SuperfoodsMichael Greger, MD
The Daniel Diet: Living Proof It Works!Gwen Foster, MPH
The China StudyT. Colin Campbell, PhD
Terminal at 30! Recovered End-Stage Cancer SurvivorTina Ulatowski, MSW
The Secret Link in The War on CancerDevra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH
Toxicity: The Root Cause of DiseaseTamara Sachs, MD
The Healing Power of Living FoodsSteve "Sproutman" Meyerowitz
Monitor and Optimize Your Metabolic ProcessesHumbart "Smokey" Santillo, ND
Eating for Nutritional DensityJoel Fuhrman, MD
Fats That Heal, Fats That KillUdo Erasmus, Ph. D