Greatest Hits of the New Life Expo

Unlimited Health Through Spiritual MasteryLynna Andrews
Inanna Returns, The Goddess of Love from NibiruV. S. Ferguson
The Prophecies of Nostradamus Concerning the Next 20 YearsDolores Cannon
Dancing on Turtle’s Back: Collective FearBarbara Hand Clow
How to Attract and Maintain a Great RelationshipJean Munzer
A Diet for Strong BonesAnnemarie Colbin
Secrets of KatharaAnna Hayes
Menopause Can Change Your LifeSusan Weed
The Four Levels of HealingShakti Gawain
UFO’s, Comets, Earth Changes and Ancient WorldsTricia McCannon
Between Life and DeathDolores Cannon
Your Energy, DNA and Immune SystemFred Bel, Ph. D.
Channeling the PleidiansBarbara Marciniak
CatastrophiaBarbara Hand-Claw
Past Lives of ChildrenCarol Bowman
Living on Purpose: The House Rules for LifeDan Millman
Healing the Soul of AmericaMarianne Williamson
Cancer Control with Non Drug TherapiesMajid Ali, M. D
Illuminating the SoulJacob Liberman, O. D.
The Spiritual WarriorJohn Rogers
The Art of Seeing, The Art of BeingJacob Liberman, O. D.
The Extra-Terrestrial Origins of Life on the Planet EarthTrisha McCannon
Montauk and BeyondPreston Nichols
Path of RelationshipsShakti Gawain
Healing Through Spiritual SurgeryLorna Green
Peaceful Heart and Warrior SpiritDan Millman
The Healing Power of Past LivesTricia McCannon
The Near Death ExperienceDannion Brinkley
Health, Healing and ProsperityDick Gregory, Isaac Hayes & John Harris
Adventures with the Secret PeacemakersJames Twyman
Stepping into the Mystery: From Separation to UnionJohn Lee
Millennium Magic Spiritual Alchemy for ChangeNeal Ryder
An Evening with Uri GellerUri Geller
Time WarPreston Nichols
Lover’s Meal PlanViktoras Kulvinskas
Purge Your Gallstones and Clear Your Energetic FieldAnnie Jubb
Native American Spiritual ValuesJohn Heinerman
The Soul as HealerRobert Jaffe
The Fattening of America: Why Pasta Makes You FatDr. Barry Sears
Time Shifting: Creating More Time to Enjoy Your LifeStephen Rechtschaffen
Special AppearancePeter Max
Everyday EnlightenmentDan Millman
The Philadelphia Experiment and The Montauk Project, A Knot in TimeAl Bielek
Guiding To the Life You WantJohn Harricharan