2006 – 2010 • Catskill Mountains, NY

Animal MedicineKaryn Sanders 2010
Ovation for the OvarySusun Weed 2010
Living CancerMargi Flint 2010
Becoming Well Through Conscious Daily ChoiceKate Gilday 2010
Human Technology: Awareness, Breath and BodyChris Marano 2010
What Every Herbalist Needs. . . Intelligent Nature of PlantsPam Montgomery 2010
Intro to clinical Skills and IntakeMargi Flint 2010
7 Song Reading the BodyMargi Flint 2010
Cultivating FertilityBevin Clare 2010
Clinical Journeys-Learning Through Case StudiesBevin Clare 2010
Herbs and the Four Vital SubstancesChris Marano 2010
Light Falling from the StarsKaryn Sanders 2010
Your Green AllySusun Weed 2010
Herbs for Winter HealthRosemary Gladstar 2010
Live Case PanelKaryn Sanders, Kate Gilday, Chris Marano, and Bevin Clare, -moderated by Margi Flint 2010
Planting the FutureRosemary Gladstar 2010
Doctrine of Signatures: Intuitive Herbal PracticeMatthew Wood 2008
Elements of Herbalism: HarvestingSusun Weed 2008
Herbs with Bad Reputations but Big MedicineChris Marano 2008
Gaiacology: Natural Treatments for Women’s HealthAmanda McQuade Crawford 2008
Geometry of MedicineChris Marano 2008
Ten Reasons to Go RawBrigitte Mars 2008
Relating Chakras to the Endocrine SystemKathleen Maier 2008
Sacred PsychoactivesBrigitte Mars 2008
Herbal Medicine and Food AllergiesAmanda McQuade Crawford 2008
Herbs for a Healthy HeartMatthew Wood 2008
Plant Spirit HealingPam Montgomery 2008
The Cholesterol MythKathleen Maier 2008
The Language of Nature: Plant and Animal MedicinesMatthew Wood 2008
Spirit and Practice of the Wise Woman TraditionSusun Weed 2008
Herbs for LongevityAmanda McQuade Crawford 2008
Live Case PanelAmanda McQuade Crawford, Matthew Wood, and Susun Weed – moderated by Chris Marano 2008
Abenaki FolkloreMarge Bruchac 2008
Foundational Wellness for WomenRosemary Gladstar 2006
Differential Treatment of Depression and AnxietyDavid Winston 2006
Exploring Medicinal Herbs as Flower EssencesDavid Dalton 2006
The Original MedicineCecelia Mitchell 2006
Children, Food and EnvironmentTonya Lemos 2006
Elements of Herbalism – DosageSusun Weed 2006
Plant Spirit HealingPam Montgomery 2006
Natural Healing and Prevention of Lyme’s DiseaseStephen Buhner 2006
Assessment of the BodyMargi Flint 2006
Herbs for Longevity and Well BeingRosemary Gladstar 2006
My Ally: MotherwortSusun Weed 2006
Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Mohawk PeopleCecelia Mitchell 2006
The Secret Teachings of PlantsStephen Buhner
Using Flower Essences from Poisonous Plants for Clinical and Shamanic TreatmentsDavid Dalton
Botanical & Complementary Treatment of Chronic Back & Neck PainDavid Winston
Weeds, Woods Lore and Wildwood WisdomDoug Elliott