Metaphysical Center of New Jersey Lecture Series
1991 – 2011 • NJ

Riding the Wave ChangeMontgomery Taylor 11/12/11
Enlightenment and the Future of AmericaJohn White 09/09/07
The Wisdom of Archangel Michael on Today’s ChallengesJoy Pedersen 06/03/07
Feng Shui from Indoor Basics out to the GardenDeanna Trust 05/20/07
The Egyptian Temple of Osiris- The Temple of the HeartLinda Russo 04/15/07
Turning Troubles Into Treasures (Also with Julie Genovese)Carmela Vuoso-Murphy 04/01/07
The Energies of JoyElsie Kerns 02/11/07
All Shall Be Well: The Mysticism of Julian of NorwichDr. Frederick Roden 11/12/06
All Shall Be Well: The Mysticism of Julian of NorwichIona Hress 10/08/06
Earth Changes and the 2012 PhenomenaDavid & Erina Cowan 05/14/06
Earth Changes and the 2012 PhenomenaCynthia Barger 04/23/06
Earth Changes and the 2012 PhenomenaTeoyotica 03/05/06
Earth Changes and the 2012 PhenomenaJean Harner 02/12/06
Ancient Messages for the New AgePeggy Neligan 01/21/07
Wisdom of Your FaceJean Haner 03/06/05
Contacting Loved Ones on the Other SideLindsey Sass Aurand 02/20/05
Meditation & the Multi-Level MindRobert Morris 02/06/05
Knights Templar, Holy Grail, Shroud of TurinJohn White 01/23/05
Understanding Your Destiny Thru Chinese AstrologyMei Jin Yu 11/14/04
Pluto Causes World Transformation NOWMontgomery Taylor 10/10/04
The Sacred ClownDr. Craig Scarpelli 06/06/04
Antar Trataka: The Healing Science of YogaMargabandhu Martarano 04/11/04
Energy Correction, Meditation, Methods and MoreJudith Hancox 03/07/04
Peruvian Energetic HealingsFran Russo 02/22/04
Beyond MonotheismEd Croman 02/08/04
The 2012 ParadoxPhil Gruber 09/14/03
A Demonstration of MediumshipEamon Downey 08/22/03
Developing Your ClairvoyanceLindsey Sass-Aurand 04/13/03
Understanding Death and DyingGlenn Mendoza 10/13/02
Releasing Stress through ClearingTeresa Polanco 02/23/03
The Love ProcessPamela Cummings 02/09/03
Secrets of the AgesLobeelo, Wagniere, Mirabell, & Neligan 01/26/03
UfO’s – The Real StoryJim Gatto 11/10/02
Decoding PotentialRobert Flower, Ph. D. 10/27/02
Drumming and Other Ways to Relieve StressRobert Friedman, Ph. D. 10/13/02
Shamanism, Healing Guidance from NatureCelso Fortes de Almeida, MD 09/22/02
Third Eye Activation & ManifestationJodi Serota 09/08/02
Listening to the Other SideReverend Janet Nohavic 05/01/02
Riding the Waves of the Earth’s CyclesRichard Feather Anderson 04/21/02
Graceful Integration: Earth Changes & Vibrational ShiftingErin Carey Cowan 03/24/02
Spirituality & SexStarr Fuentes 01/27/02
Return of the Revolutionaries: Objective Evidence of Past LivesWalter Semkiw, MD 01/14/02
How Do I Know When It’s Time to Move OnDr. Ginger Grancagolo 11/18/01
ET’s Interaction on Earth’s EvolutionRev. Stephen Popiotek 11/04/01
The Ascension of the Fifth World, Prophecy & Evo. .P. M. H. Atwater 10/01/01
Through the Eyes of a DoveWillow Earth 09/23/01
Circle of GraceEdna Frankel 09/09/01
Mysticism, Miracles and MetaphysicsJon Mundy 06/03/01
The Path of the AspiraCyrus Ryan 05/06/01
Nutritional Supplements for Good HealthEileen Cobb 5/2005
Ancient Knowledge and WisdomJain 5/2005
Past Life RegressionPaul Aurand 03/18/01
Modern Magical Keys in Qabalah, Astrology & TarotTom Eisele 12/03/00
Divining Keys for the MysticLeroy Bull 10/08/00
Feng Shui; Clearing the Clutter, Getting OrganizedTeresa Polanco 09/24/97
Spiritual Implications of 9/11Ecumenical Roundtable 09/10/00
The Still Point Between Good and EvilEd Abdill 06/25/00
The Approach and Application of Medical IntuitionEamonn Downey 03/26/00
Using Astrology to Live MetaphysicallyKathy Kerston 03/12/00
Kabbalistic Teachings About the Soul & ReincarnationEdward Croman 01/30/00
The Myth of the Holy GrailJason Martin, Ph. D. 10/10/99
The Autumnal Equinox and Celtic MysteriesRobert Corin Morris 09/11/98
Enlightenment and the Light BodyJohn White 02/01/98
Children of the New MillenniumP. M. H. Atwater 11/02/97
Nutrition and SpiritualitySari Smolarz 04/20/97
AngelsBelinda Womack 04/06/97
Edgar Cayce for a New MillenniumLynne S. Miceli 09/15/96
Sacred Spaces, Temples, Alters & GuardiansBudd Hopkins 06/16/96
The Principles of MetapsychiatryRev. Louis Conselatore 06/02/96
Feng ShuiCarole Bollini 05/05/96
Rejuvenation-Secrets of the Fountain of YouthJean Munzer 04/14/96
Putting the Soul Back in PsychotherapyRobert Jarmon, MD 03/31/96
Becoming Spiritually Street-SmartDr. Susan Shumsky 03/17/96
The Gong Workshop: An Adventure of ConsciousnessDon Conreaux 03/03/96
The Psychic World of Abraham LincolnEdward Hoffman 02/18/96
Living Life from the InsideJoy Grieco 02/04/96
An Intro. To Holographic RepatterningMichelle Bongiorno 01/14/96
Dreaming Yourself WholeRobert Corin Morris 12/03/95
Atlantis: Insights from a Lost CivilizationShirley Andrews 11/19/95
A Shower of Roses: The Teachings of St. ThereseJulie Alongi-Riley 10/01/95
Incan ShamanismGlory Mirabello 09/17/95
Psychic AwakeningBob Cecilio 06/18/95
Precognition: A Leap into the FutureCarol Ann Liaros 06/04/95
The Inner Realm of Healing & the Art of AttunementKen Harris 05/14/95
Longevity Medicine-Nutritional Approaches to Anti-AgingMichael Schachter 04/16/95
Why Are We Here? Karma and Reincarnation Through AstrologyStephen Sinopoli 04/02/95
Getting in Touch With Your AngelsIda Diaz 03/19/95
LoveJean Munzer 03/05/95
Homeopathy: Prescriptions for HealingWarcholik/Schaefer 02/05/95
Sacred Sound: Helping the Psychic Self to EmergeLisa Rafel 01/15/95
Mystical Aromatherapy: Exploring the Aromatic Arts Beyond Everyday UseBeth Alleva 01/01/95
Are You Having Fun Yet?Ginger Grancagnolo, ED. D. 02/18/94
Developing Your Psychic AbilityFelise Berman 12/04/94
UFO InteractionDolores Cannon 11/20/94
Dreams-Keys to Open Your Soul and Psychic SelfHarriet Wagniere 11/06/94
The Qabala-The 32 Paths and The TarotSteve Thomson 10/16/94
Healing is Living in the Divine DimensionFr. Aristide Bruni, CCSH 10/02/94
The New Moon Power Periods & Fulfullment of WishesJan Spiller 09/18/94
New Evidence That the Creators of Our First Civilizations Have Returned to Watch and Teach Us AgainBruce Cornet, Ph. D. 06/19/94
The Rainbow Crystal Skull World Premiere TourDael Walker 06/05/94
Nutritional Pharmacology: Controlling Your Own DestinyJeffrey M. Berg, D. C. 05/15/94
Initiations and AscensionJean Munzer 05/01/94
Collective Consciousness in Science and Mysticism As Key to a Different MillenniumMohammad Ramadan 04/03/94
Surprising and Little Known Kabbalistic Teachings on ReincarnationEdward L. Croman, MBA 03/06/94
English-The Language of AngelsPhil Gruber 02/20/94
Insights of a Healing PioneerEtel De Loach 02/06/94
The Millennium Children: Tales of the ShiftCaryl Dennis 01/16/94
Alien Agenda-Prophecies for the Millennium & BeyondBryan Williams 01/02/94
Music & Sound in the Healing ArtsJohn Beaulieu, ND, Ph. D 12/19/93
Psychic Discoveries: The Iron Curtain LiftedLynn Schroeder 12/05/93
Reading the Hieroglyphs of the Mind: What to Do With Your Dreams When You Wake Up in the MorningGerald Epstein, M. D. 11/14/93
Discovering the Soul: The Amazing Findings of aRobert Jarmon, M. D. 10/31/93
Will There Be A Pole Shift or Not?John White 10/17/93
Access To The Higher DimensionsStarr Fuentes 10/03/93
Consciousness WarsMichael Ash 09/05/93
Sacred Science of InitiationChelsea Flor 06/06/93
Awakening Enlightenment in Every MomentMilo Beaver & Beth Hedstrom 05/02/93
Heal Thyself: Using the Edgar Cayce RemediesJack Rosen 04/18/93
GodJean Munzer 04/04/93
When Therapy Isn’t Enough: The Healing Power of Prayer, Hypnosis and PsychotherapySam Menahem, Ph. D. 02/28/93
The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO AbductionsJohn Cerbone, Ph. D. 02/14/93
Alchemy, Hermetic Science & Esoteric EgyptologyJohn Milisenda 09/06/92
Empowering the God/Goddess WithinKathy M. Kerston 06/14/92
Signature Sounds & The Future of Our SocietySharry Edwards 05/31/92
Metamorphosis & Vita Fons II: Revolutionary HealingJeffrey W. Lewis & Gail-Ann Greene 05/31/92
The Great White Brotherhood & the Esoteric TraditionJean Munzer 05/31/92
Awakening to the Essential Love That We AreMark Tucker 05/31/92
Kabbalistic Teachings on Man and the CosmosEdward Croman, MBA 05/31/92
Spiritual Healing Through the Eyes of Johrei ScienceLarry Ammar 05/31/92
An Aquarian Vision of Future HealingHarriet Wagniere, BS, MA 05/31/92
Bioenergy & The Out-of-Body ExperienceSimone De La Tour 05/31/92
The Aura and Spiritual GuidesJulie Alongi-Riley, BA, MA 05/31/92
Rebirth of the Star WithinRichard Shulman 05/31/92
Journey to Love, Wholeness & Joy: The Power of Healing RelationshipsRev. Jaganath Carrera 12/01/91
Native American TotemsFran Russo 11/17/91
The Inner Side of Nature: Co-Creating with Angels and DevasGordon Davidson & Corinne McLaughlin 11/03/91
"Occult Gold, " Superconductivity & Modern Alchemy: Has the Philosopher’s Stone Been Found?David Hudson 10/20/91
Journey Through BardoRoger J. Woolger, PH, . D. 09/15/91
Feng Shui: The House You Live In May Be Helpful or Hazardous to Your HealthNancilee Wydra 06/16/91
Mysterious TremendumDon Conreaux 06/02/91
The Phenomena of Psychic Ability, Mediumship & HealingEamonn Downey 05/09/91
Angelic HealingEileen Elias Freeman 04/21/91
Survival Into the 21st Century: Planetary Healers ManualVictor P. Kulvinskas, M. S. 03/31/91
The Message: Why Extraterrestrials are HereBetty & Bob Luca 03/17/91
Soul Healing Through Past Life Regression & Future Life ProgressionJean Munzer 03/03/91
Creativity, Self-Expression & the 5th ChakraRick Jarow, Ph. D. 02/17/91
Kabbalistic Teachings on Man and the CosmosEdward L. Croman, Ph. D. 02/03/91
Soul Dramas-Past Life Regression for Healing & GrowthRoger J. Woolger 01/20/91
My Journey As A PsychicFelise Berman 01/06/91
UFO Chronicle: A Global BriefingAntonio Huneeus 12/02/90
Feel Emotion, Live Emotion, Be EmotionKim Falone 11/18/90
Attuning Your Sexual & Spiritual EnergiesAshraf Donald Haley, MFA 11/04/90
Halloween & Celtic Calendar Customs & FolkloreSam Wenger 10/14/90
New Age Nutrition: Keys to Improving & Extending Your LifeDr. Jeffrey M. Berg 09/30/90
Pranic HealingDel Q. Pe 09/16/90
Alternative Healing Methods: There is Another WayMargabandhu Martarano 06/17/90
Ancient Voices, Current Affairs: Legend of the Rainbow WarriorsSteven McFadden 06/03/90
Satisfying the Hungers & Thirsts of the SoulRahina Friedman, Ph. D 05/20/90
Watching World Transformation Through United Nations WindowsMohammad A. Ramadan 05/06/90
The Hawaiian Connection: A Key For Our Future Lies in the PastPila of Hawaii 04/15/90
The Cycles of Nature & Astrology: A New Theory Linking Ancient Astrology To Modern ScienceWilliam Gazdag, Ph. D. 04/01/90
UFO Abductions: The Moral IssueBudd Hopkins 03/18/90
Shamanism: Healing Shadows of the SoulJoanne Rossi 03/04/90
Kabbalistic Concepts of the SoulEdward L. Croman 02/18/90
Living the Superlife!Ginger Grancagnolo, Ph. D. 02/04/90
The New Age: Facts and PropheciesJean Munzer 01/14/90
Yoga of the Ten Bodies of Light: A New Model for Accelerated Inner Growth & HealingRavi Singh 12/03/89
The Healing Power of Chaos: Nature of Fixed & Fluid AwarenessJulie R. Winter 11/19/89
Natural Force HealingKenneth Davis, DC 11/05/89
Legacy of a Spiritual People: Lenape Native AmericansChuck Vicari 10/15/89
My Life As A PsychicJohn Cerbone 10/01/89
Celebrate Life: From the Near Death Experience Lessons Learned for Being Happy & HealthyPMH Atwater, Lh. D 09/17/89
The Power of the GongDon Conreaux 05/14/89
Touching Your Healing Frequency: Miracles of Healing with Yourself & With OthersRhoda Semel, MA 04/02/89
Healing As a Path to Happiness: Happiness As A Tool In HealingPaul Oliveri 03/19/89
Holographic English-A Quantam Force in LanguagingJudson Sanderson 03/05/89
Kabbalah and Modern ScienceEdward L. Croman 02/19/89
Visions of Innocence: Spiritual/Mystical Experiences of ChildhoodEdward Hoffman, Ph. D. 02/05/89
The Monument of Mars: An Independent InvestigationRichard C. Hoagland 01/15/89
How To Maximize Your HappinessJan Kriveshiew 12/18/88
Reincarnation & Past Life TherapyRobert Jarmon, MD 12/04/88
Kirlian Photography-Window on the Soul?Douglas Dean, Ph. D. 11/20/88
The Ongoing Mystery of Crop CirclesGeorge Wingfield 10/16/88
Illness As A Path To WholenessJason Shulman 10/02/88
The Dolphin ConnectionPatricia St. John 09/18/88
War and the Evolution of ConsciousnessJohn W. White 06/19/88
The Edgar Cayce RemediesJohn O. A. Pagano, DC 06/05/88
Bentwater Air Force Base UFO Close Encounter of the 3rd KindLarry Warren & Peter Robbins 05/15/88
You Too Can HealEtel DeLoach 05/01/88
Chakras & Kundalini: The Keys to De-Mystifying the BibleRabbi Alvin J. Bobroff 03/20/88
The Kabbalah & Your Own Spiritual DevelopmentEdward L. Croman 03/06/88
Is Your Passion Flame Lit?Myra Swanson 02/14/88
Homeopathy: Energy MedicineJane Cicchetti 01/31/88
Master Pattern of the UniverseRobert John Flower 01/17/88
Developing Your Psychic AbilityJean Munzer 01/03/88
Star in the East: An Archaeological Detective StoryHans Holzer 12/20/87
The Fire Within: The Life & Work of Joseph CampbellStephen & Robin Larsen 12/06/87
The Effect of Crystals & Gemstones on the ChakrasAlbrecht A. Heyer 11/15/87
The Kundalini Experience: The Flowering of Human PotentialRavi Singh 11/01/87
Rejuvenation: Rebalancing Life’s Dynamic EnergiesGall Null 10/18/87
Deep Body Rhythms-The Sensuous SpineGus Carayas 10/04/87
The Goddess Within-A Guide to Eternal MythsJennifer Barker Woolger 09/20/87