New Life Expo – South Florida
2008 – 2012

A Course in Miracles
How to Heal and Prevent all DiseasesBrenda Cobb
The Multi-Dimensional Alchemy of ConsciousnessWill-I-Am Ankuphara
Streams of Light
Love, Relationships, and ESPJill Dahne
Cellular NutritionSirve
The 11 Tibetan Secret Rites of Rejuvenation SirveHoward Dean
The 11 Tibetan Secret Rites of RejuvenationSirve
Chakras & Psychosomatic HealthRavi Ratan
Chemtrails Vs Contrails
ImmortalityDr. Joel Wallach
Healing Power of Far Infrared Light SaunasPhillip Wilson
Preparing for Entrance Into the Emerging New World Sherinata PollockSherinata Pollock
Spiritual LiteracyStarr Fuentes
Why Sexy People Live LongerNick Delgado
Love, Relationships, & ESPJill Dahne
Sacred EarthVal Silidker
The Daylight DietPaul Nison
Your Mind with Neuroscience & EnergyArt Martin

Dead Doctors Don’t LieJoel Wallach
Holonomic HealingWill-I-Am Ankuphara
Healing WorksStarr Fuentes

Strange UniverseMorton, Ankuphara, Fuentes & Spencer
Nutrition PanelSirve, Delgado, Wallach, Wainwright & Haley
Goddess WorkshopSirve, Lumiere, Silidker, Garzon & Estevez
Strange Universe – 2012Morton, Ankuphara, Dahne, Shumsky & Pollock

Raw Food PanelClark, Benson & Nisson
Goddess PanelEtti, Sirve, Cakderon, Lumiere, Barrett & Segal
Sunset! Dec. 21, 2012 – PredictionsSean-David Morton
Us – Solutions and StaregiesSean-David Morton
Predictions, Predictions, PredictionsSean-David Morton
Solutions and StrategiesSean-David Morton
Prophecies with a Divine AnswerHomey 3 9/12-13/09
Chemtrails vs ContrialsHoward Dean 9/12-13/09
Children of FutureCarey & Elsa Stokes 9/12-13/09
Earth’s Ascension and YouJudy Satori 9/12-13/09
Love Signs, Soul Mates & RelationshipsJill Dahne 9/12-13/09
Meet America’s #1 PsychicMichelle Whitedove 9/12-13/09
The Journey of a Soul CelebrationHappy ‘Z’ & Friends 9/12-13/09
Prophecies with a Divine AnswerHomey 3 9/12-13/09
Messages from SpiritMichelle Whitedove 9/12-13/09
The Journey of a Soul CelebrationHappy ‘Z’ & Friends 9/12-13/09
Love, Relationships & ESPJill Dahne 9/12-13/09

Strange UniverseMorton, Satori, Capers, Whitedove, Martin 9/12-13/09
Strange Universe 2012Satori, Capers, Dahne, Homey 3, Martin 9/12-13/09
Eco PanelDean, Tucker, Schwartz-Everglades, Young, Silver 9/12-13/09
The Prophecy ConvergenceSean-David Morton 9/12-13/09
The Road to 2012Sean-David Morton 9/12-13/09
The Road to 2012 – The FinaleSean-David Morton 9/12-13/09
Live Superfoods with David WolfeDavid Wolfe 10/17-19/08
Application of Taoism At Its BestDr. Kam Yuen 10/17-19/08
Leo Beloyianis 001Dr. Leo Beloyianis 10/17-19/08
Spirit Guides: Connect YourselfStacie Breeze 10/17-19/08
Detox or Die!Dr. Robert Sorge 10/17-19/08
Reversing Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes MellitusWalter Wainwright 10/17-19/08
What Nutrients Are You Deficient In?Dr. Robert Sorge 10/17-19/08
Spiritual Gemology-The Art Of Using & Wearing Gem Stones ConsciouslyDonnareyna Sessler 10/17-19/08
Connect Yourself To The Other SideStacie Breeze 10/17-19/08
Okido, Japanese Yoga & ShinkikoKazuko Tatsumura Hillyer, Ph. D 10/17-19/08
Aspects Of The HealerStarr Fuentes 10/17-19/08
Increase Mouth Space Volume & Oxygen FlowDr. Micki Gelb 10/17-19/08
Everything You Need To Know About HerbsRenee Ponder 10/17-19/08
The Spiritual Destiny Of The United StatesHarriet Wagniere 10/17-19/08
The Secret Tools For Manifesting Abundance And IntuitionGregory Hoag 10/17-19/08
Intravenous Ozone TherapyHoward Robins, MD 10/17-19/08
Making Contact With the Other SideJohn Oliver 10/17-19/08
The Quest For The Philosopher’s StoneTricia McCannon 10/17-19/08
The Sound of the SAJudy Humphreys Satobi 10/17-19/08
Love Signs, Soul Mates & RelationshipsJill Dahne 10/17-19/08
Edgar Cayce And "Psychic Empowerment"Coni Buro, Ph. D. 10/17-19/08
Overcome Your Body’s Toxicity!Lalita Salas 10/17-19/08
Beyond Death: Medical Facts, Mysticious & MeditationMatthew Raider, MD 10/17-19/08
Discover Pranic HealingGlenn Mendoza, MD, MPH 10/17-19/08
Ascension Tune-Up With The Ascended MastersAlison James 10/17-19/08
At Last Real Reversal Of Many Eye & Vision ProblemsBenjamin Lane, MD 10/17-19/08
The AwakeningVictoria Of Light Hamilton 10/17-19/08
Polarity Shifting: Master Keys To Make Life Easier!John Ryder, Ph. D 10/17-19/08
Alex Grey’s Multi-Dimensional RealityAlex Grey 10/17-19/08
Heroic Singing Promotes Robust Good Health!Kenneth Lane 10/17-19/08
TantraCharles Muir 10/17-19/08
Sexual Empowerment And The ChakrasAlicia Boyd 10/17-19/08
What Sloan Keffering. . . Doesn’t Want You To Know About CancerDr. Robert Sorge 10/17-19/08
Eating For Planetary SurvivalViktoras Kulvinskas 10/17-19/08
Facets Of MiraclesStarr Fuentes 10/17-19/08
Elements For LifeChad Ashley Vandenberg 10/17-19/08
Love, Relationships & ESPJill Dahne 10/17-19/08
Ancient Healing Stones And Your IntuitionSteven Rosley 10/17-19/08
Healing And Regeneration Of The Body For Fifth Dimensional LifeJudy Humpreys Satori 10/17-19/08
Don’t Mess With Stress For Optimal HealthJill Baron, MD 10/17-19/08
Emergency Psychic Thinking. . . Feng Shui for Cash MoneyJohn Oliver 10/17-19/08
Oxidative TherapiesDr. Robert Sorge 10/17-19/08
Meet America’s #1 PsychicMichelle Whitedove 10/17-19/08
The PH Miracle ProgramDr. Ariel & Ashera Aentura 10/17-19/08
The IlluminationVictoria Of Light Hamilton 10/17-19/08
Be Free From Obesity. . . Or How to Joyfully Stay Fit and LivelyViktoras Kulvinskas 10/17-19/08
GPS Of Consciousness: Science & Spirituality UniteMitchell Rabin 10/17-19/08
What Is Bio-identical Hormone Restoration Therapy?Dr. Robert Sorge 10/17-19/08
Yoga of PerceptionAlan Steinfeld 10/17-19/08
What’s Your Karma?Lilith Dove 10/17-19/08

Vibrational HealingFuentes, Rabin, Humphreys, Hoag, Dyment & Hamilton 10/17-19/08
Sexuality & SensualityLove, Handlers, Carrellas, Price, Wise & Muir 10/17-19/08
Strange UniverseMorton, Humpreys, Dahne, James, McCannon & Morton 10/17-19/08
NutritionSorge, Kulvinskas, Cobb, Boschman, LaCassse & Vandenburg 10/17-19/08
Strange UniverseMorton, Hamilton, Capers, Whitedove, Oliver, Amitron 10/17-19/08

Purging Pain: Rewiring The Source Of PainStarr Fuentes 10/17-19/08
Angels And ExtraterrestrialsTricia McCannon 10/17-19/08
Healing and Regeneration Of The Body For Fifth Dimensional LifeJudy Humpreys Satori 10/17-19/08
Messages From the UniverseMichelle Whitedove 10/17-19/08
How To Be A Spiritual Practitioner Ready For the Year 2012John Oliver 10/17-19/08
Enzymes- The Secret to Life?Viktoras Kulvinskas 10/17-19/08
The Enlightenment-A Calling To Divine SoulsVictoria Of Light Hamilton 10/17-19/08
How To Find Your Sacred Self And Access Your Power WithinHelena Steiner-Hornsteyn, D. D. 10/17-19/08
Crop Circles, The Mayan Calender And The Global Shift of 2012Sean David Morton 10/17-19/08
I Think! Therefore I’m Dangerous!- The Tomorrow Country. Beyond 2012ADSean David Morton 10/17-19/08
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The FutureSean David Morton 10/17-19/08
Crop Circles, Prophecy And 2012Sean David Morton 10/17-19/08
Beyond Tomorrow: The Grand FinaleSean David Morton 10/17-19/08

Celestial Gods, Divine Encounters & The AnunnakiTricia McCAnnon 10/17-19/08
Learning To FlySean David Morton 10/17-19/08
Reincarnation and the Polar ShiftFritz Bachman 05/02/08
Everything You Want to Know About Healing But Were Afraid to AskStarr Fuentes 05/02/08
Thrive in the 21st CenturyViktoras Kulvinskas 05/02/08
Your Extraordinary Bodymind RelationshipDebbie & Eddie Shapiro 05/02/08
Aura: The Colors of Your SoulMichelle Whitedove 05/02/08
Life Within the Quantum SATURDAYFred Bell 05/02/08
Love Signs, Soul Mates & RelationshipsJill Dahne 05/02/08
I Want To Be a HealerStarrr Fuentes 05/02/08
Miracles of Holism & Enzymatic Super FoodsViktoras Kulvinskas 05/02/08
Life Within the Quantum SUNDAYFred Bell 05/03/08
Love, Relationships & ESPJill Dahne 05/03/08

Strange Universe: 2012: Ancient Prophecies, Modern PredictionsBell, Whitedove, Morton, Fuentes & Shepard 05/03/08
Discover What They Don’t Want Us To KnowBell, Dahne, Fuentes & Morton 05/03/08

Healing With Energy: Hands-On TechniquesStarr Fuentes 05/03/08
Life Within the QuantumFred Bell 05/03/08
World Predictions & Personal MessagesMichelle Whitedove 05/03/08
Eat Light! Feel Bright!Viktoras Kulvinskas 05/03/08