Sun Valley Mountain Wellness Festival
2004 • Sun Valley, Idaho

KEYNOTE # 2 The Power of Questioning the Mind (Three Tapes)Byron Katie
Anti-Aging MedicineRoger Nocera
Health Through the Eyes of the SoulRebecca Skeele
The Healing Power of ConsciousnessAnne & Peter Selby
Your Spice Rack: Lifesaving & Curative MedicineStephen Helms
What in your Life Makes it Difficult to Hold the Higher Vibration?Rita Cook
Herbs for the ChakrasDr. Linda Kingsbury
Nature’s Way: Native Wisdom for Living in Balance with the EarthEd McGaa
Psychic Play and the Path to AuthenticitySuzanne Jauchius
Be the Source of Your Inspirition for a Healthier LifeAlexandra Delis Abrams
Being Human: Exploring the Forces that Shape Us & Awaken an Inner LifeSolihin Thom
Sharing Homeopathy for Animal HealthWendy Collins
Why Should Dentistry Control your Immune System?Dr. Hal Huggins
Secrets to Mastering the Everest in Your LifeGary Scott
Courage to Live a Passionate LifeDolora Deal
Aging is a Deficiency DiseaseAnne Dunev
The Ancient Language of SanskritAndrea & Sara Forman
The Myth of the Minotaur: A Journey of Self DiscoveryGridley, Thorson & Pappas
Give Yourself Permission to Live: Experience Your Greatness Right NowGary Quinn
Unclutter, Simplify and OrganizePeggy Doscher
Finding Meaning and Purpose Through Ayurveda: The Science of LifeVicki Stern
Aphrodisiacs for Everyday UseAilene Eberhard
Developing the Eyes of a Medical IntuitiveCaroline Sutherland
Smart Women FinishRich Eric Klein
The Power of Appreciation: The Key to a Vibrant LifeNoelle Nelson
Astrology 103 Plotting Your TransitsDrew Chittenden
Ayurveda and the FamilyLinda Foreman
Living a Full Chakra LifeDavid Pond
WORKSHOP The Schwarzbein Step-by-Step Program (Two Tapes)Dr. Diana Schwarzbein