Wise Traditions 2003
2003 • Washington DC

Dangers of Cholesterol-Lowering DrugsPaul Rosch, MD
Homocysteine, Vitamins and Vascular DiseaseKilmer McCully, MD, Ph. D.
Dietary Guidelines, Trans Fats and Heart DiseaseMary Enig, Ph. D.
Keynote: Towards a Holistic Treatment For Cardiovascular DiseaseTom Cowan, MD
The Mood CureJulia Ross, MA
The Yoga of EatingCharles Eisenstein
Is Fluoride Really Good for Our TeethTed Spence, DDS, ND
Co Q10 Depletion: The Achilles Heel of the Staton CrusadePeter Langsjoen, MD
10. Sunlight and Vitamin DUffe Ravnskov, MD
Your Inner Ecosystem, the Secret to a Long, Healthy LifeDonna Gates
Our Whole HeartKen Moorehead, DOM
Copper Deficiency and Heart DiseaseLeslie Klevay, MD
Heart Disease and Raw Milk – The Inverse RelationshipRon Schmid, ND
Patient Heal ThyselfJordan S. Rubin, NMD, CNC
The Oiling of AmericaSally Fallon, MA
Lipitor – Thief of MemoryDuane Graveline, MD
Seminar on Traditional Diets ISally Fallon, MA
Seminar on Traditional Diets IISally Fallon, MA
Seminar on Traditional Diets IIISally Fallon, MA
Questions and AnswersSally Fallon, MA