We are making the masters of many older Conferences available for you to purchase .  These Master Tape Collections are the only copies of these programs.  They are all on cassette tapes and we are only charging $1 per tape and free shipping.  These listings will include the number of tapes in each program so that you can calculate the price.  These are great recordings of amazing programs.  Please email us with your thoughts and interests and to start the order process.  Many of the sets will contain program guide, flyers and extra labels.

Oriental Medicine 2001 Conference in Providence, Rhode Island. 56 tapes and extra labels.

NOFA: Northeast Organic Farming Association 29th Annual Conference Hampshire College, Amherst, MA.  August 8-10, 2003. 84 tapes,  Program Book, extra labels.

Natural Care Animal Expo 1998.  Molloy College. Oct 16-18, 1998. 37 tapes, Program book, extra labels.

14th Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics Oct 22-28, 1998.  Columbia University, NYC. 48 tapes, Program pamphlet.

Natural Care Animal Expo 1997.  NY Institute of Technology. 76 tapes, Program book, extra labels.

NAMH: National Artists for Mental Health, Inc. 5th Annual Art of Healing Conference.  Schenectady, N.Y.  2002. 103 tapes.

25th Annual Tri-State Adoption Conference, IONA College, N.Y. November 13, 2005. 38 tapes, Program book, extra labels.

3rd Annual National Conference on Young People.  November 6 & 7, 1997. 37 tapes, Program book.

Middle School Guidance Conference, Multiple Presenter. 14 tapes.

The Future of America’s Youth.  Braintree, MA.   November 13 & 14, 1998. 14 tapes.

Metabolic Typing by Harold “Lanny” Smith.  October 23 & 24, l998. 11 tapes.

NYSACD 27th Annual Convention.   October l992. 16 tapes.

New York State Farmer’s Direct Marketing Conferences 2004 to 2007. Total 234 tapes in the entire set or purchase the Conferences by the year.
2004 Conference: 5l tapes, 2005 Conference: 6l tapes, 2006 Conference: 64 tapes, 2007 Conference: 58 tapes

Chiropractor’s Focus on Philosophy Weekend.  May 19 & 20, 2001. 94 tapes.

Assorted Holistic Expo’s from the l990’s. 94 tapes.

The Institute for Transitions & Development New Jersey State Wide Holistic Conference on AIDS.  April 25, 2005.  Rutgers University. 49 tapes.

Chiropractor’s Focus on Philosophy Weekend.  May 31-June1, 2003. 96 tapes.

NYSSCA: New York State School Counselor Association Spring Conference. March 26-28, l993. 86 tapes and Program book.

NYSSCA: N.Y. State School Counselor Association Conference l993. 97 tapes.

NYASP: National Association of School Psychologists 1996 Conference. 43 tapes.

NYASP: National Association of School Psychologists l997 Conference. 43 tapes.

N.Y. State Alliance of Sex Offender Providers & N.Y. State Chapter of the Association For the Treatment of Sexual Abusers. 4th Annual Training Conference.  June 10 & 11, l999.   Fishkill, New York. 43 tapes.

Assorted Holistic Expos from the 1990’s to 2000’s. 98 tapes.

Assorted Flats of Cassette tapes from numerous Holistic Expos.  Contains up to 100 cassettes per flat.  7 boxes in total available. $25.00 for the entire box as wellAs Free Shipping.   Enjoy!!!!