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Conference Name Location Date(s)
Annie Appleseed Project South Florida 2008-2009
Biodiversity Expo 2005 Brooklyn, NY 2005
Breast Cancer and the Environment From Workplace to Cell Phones Poughkeepsie, NY 2008
Breast Cancer Options Conference Poughkeepsie, NY 2004-2012
Earth and Religion Conference Bard College, NY 2005
Exopolitics Conference Washington, DC 2004-2005
Food & Health Expo Philadelphia, PS 1999
Greatest Hits of the New Life Expo Various
Green Nations Gathering Catskill Mountains, NY 2000-2004
Healing With Flowers (15 CD set) 2007-2009
Health Media Group’s NAVEL Expo 2006-2008
History of the Catskills Conference Sullivan Co., NY 1995-2005
Holistic Moms Network Natural Living Conference New Jersey 2009
IAYC (International Association of Yiddish Clubs) Teaneck, NJ 2002
M. C. NJ 1990
Metaphysical Center of New Jersey Lecture Series Wayne, NJ 1998-Present
Millennium Now NJ 1996
Mind, Body, Spirit Expo Philadelphia, PA 1998-2005
New Life Expo – South Florida South Florida 1994-Present
New Life Expo NYC NYC 1994-Present
NOFA Conference 2002
Past, Present & Future Lives NJ 1996
Peace, The Path and the Practice NJ 2006
Pennsylvania Natural Living Association Pennsylvania 2004-2005
People’s Yiddish Stage 2003-2007
Sally Fallon Green Nations Herbal Gathering 2002 2002
Sun Valley Mountain Wellness Festival Sun Valley, Idaho 2004-2005
Teton Wellness Festival Teton, WY 2004-2005
The Dimension of Healing NJ 1992
Weston A. Price Foundation Conference Massachusetts 2004
Weston A. Price MA Chapter 2004 Massachusetts 2004
Weston A. Price National Conference 2004 Washington DC 2004
Whole Foods Expo Philly, PA 2000 Philadelphia, PA 2000
Wise Traditions 2002 Washington DC 2002
Wise Traditions 2003 Washington DC 2003
Wise Traditions Harvest Festival Michigan 2005