Conference Recording
Let us audio record your conferences and meetings.  We can record up to fifteen concurrent presentations, have audio recordings available immediately, and digital files available post-conference.  We can create your audio library that will grow every year and create an ongoing revenue source for your organization.  We can put together your sales brochures and do your drop-shipping.  Let us help organize your conference and be a liaison with hotel AV to make sure you get the most appropriate services at the best price.

Creating Audio Products
We can record you live or bring you into our studio to create audio products for you to make available as salable items onsite at your presentations or to be marketed on your website.  We create packaging and assign ISBN numbers.  We can edit your existing audio recordings back to tape, CD or MP3, improving quality by  removing a cough, door slam or bad question from the audience.  We can also add a sentence or paragraph, as well as intros, turn over messages (for cassette tapes only) and trailers.

Carry Our Audio Products in your Store or on your Website
Our vast array of packaged tapes and CDs from top speakers on cutting edge subject matter is available for you to carry in your store, brochure or on your website.

As Fundraisers for your Organization
We supply many organizations with inventory of programs on their subject matter that can be given to them at a below wholesale price or on consignment.

Transcription Services
We can transcribe your audio recordings.  Let us help turn your conference into a best selling book!

Please call or e-mail with any interesting ideas on how Creative Seminars can be of further service to your organization and feel free to link us to your website.